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We are committed to deepening the business direction of AI + pathology. We develop multi-module AI-assisted diagnostic tools through completely independently developed AI algorithms. Based on this, we launched a number of businesses including cloud storage, pathological information management, remote consultation, etc., covering all aspects of the work of the pathology department, and are committed to providing the industry with a complete digital AI pathology construction plan.

Development History

  • 2017

    Jan 2017

    Dipath was founded.

    Jun 2017

    Received Seed round investment.

    Aug 2017

    Became a permanent member of board, of Beijing Tumor Pathology Precision Diagnosis Association; The only accepted paper of digital pathology/AI in CVPR.

  • 2018

    Jun 2018

    Series A round by IDG Capita & Legend Capital.

    aug 2018

    2018 world MedAI Innovation Challenge pathology ChampionshipAt the MedAI Challenge, Dipath won the highest award, with full score

  • 2019

    oct 2019

    Obtained 2 NMPA Class II Medical Device CertificatesObtained 2 certificates:
    pathology scanner, and pathology assisted diagnosis software

    nov 2019

    Intelligent Photo-micrography Software D-CleverEye launchedDipath held 1st AI-aided Diagnosis Frontier Summit, released new product D-CleverEye

  • 2020

    may 2020

    Series B round; partnership with AZReceived 120 million CNY investment by CICC;
    Joined AstraZeneca Innovation Partner

    jun 2020

    Series B+ roundReceived Series B+ investment by SZVC and CICC

    sep 2020

    Obtained more NMPA Class II Medical Device Certificates Obtained registration certificates for IHC digital pathology image analysis software, a total of 5 Class II medical certificates

  • 2021

    apr 2021

    Strategic partnership with AZDipath won the "Best Ally Award" and the "Best Medical Mode Innovation Award" of AZ China,promote R&D in AI pathology, targeting the sinking market

    sep 2021

    Reported in People's DailyD-clevereye AI+Microscope diagnosis platform, supporting the work of grassroots hospitals, making headlines on the front page of People's Daily.

    nov 2021

    Strategic partnership with TakedaAt the fourth CIIE(China International Import Expo), Takeda China and Dipath on Digital Pathology reached a strategic collaboration in research and development.

  • 2022

    aug 2022

    Became Shortlisted productDipath's Intelligent Diagnostic Assistant product has been selected as a recommended unit for the 'Intelligent Diagnostic Assistance Products' by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Medical Products Administration.

    dec 2022

    Strategic partnership with ZeissAt the 5th CIIE in 2022, Zeiss China and Dipath signed a strategic cooperation agreement, to achieve a win-win situation.

  • 2023

    mar 2023

    Series pre-C round Received Series pre-C investment, becoming the largest AI digital pathology company in the industry.

    nov 2023

    Strategic partnership with RocheRoche China announces its collaboration with Dipath, jointly launching pathology AI-assisted diagnostic algorithm products. This further accelerates China's digital and intelligent transformation in pathology diagnosis, providing strong support for the development of personalized precision medicine.

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