Put AI algorithm into your microscopes

D-CleverEye makes your microscope a smart microscope!
D-CleverEye can read the field of view under the microscope in real time and analyze it through AI algorithm, giving prompts with
almost no delay. Without breaking the routine workflow of pathologists, we are trying to help pathologists to work more conveniently.

Partial AI module display
More modules coming soon


20 + module, widely used

Focus on AI morphological analysis with extensive sub-specialty diagnosis

Effective tools
  • Remote consultation

    Just click the button to copy the link, support QQ, WeChat and other ways to open the link. It is convenient for real-time sharing of vision and real-time voice communication.

  • Trajectory tracking

    There is real-time tracking of the visual field movement trajectory, which shows the path that the doctor's visual field travels like a moving map to avoid missed views.

  • Fast and accurate

    Our product can quickly feedback the result in 0.5 seconds as the vision moves. high-precision marking & counting are ensured by hundreds of thousands of data and supervised learning algorithms.